• 1/10 scale resin busts
  • 1/10 scale resin busts
1/10 resin busts produced by Sarnia Miniatures

Welcome to Sarnia Miniatures,

We are dedicated to producing high quality 1/10 scale resin military busts which cover a number of different historical periods, including the occasional fantasy figures.

Starting with a small number of busts, the intention is to add, on average, one each month to the range.

The military busts will be a mixture of general subjects and actual personalities, such as recipients of the Victoria Cross The intention is that many of the VC recipients will be lesser known people who have interesting stories which deserve to be remembered, like Adrian Carton de Wiart VC (pictured).

If there is a particular figure you would like to see sculpted please let me know, no promises, but it might make it into our schedule.

Why 'Sarnia Miniatures'? Sarnia is the Roman name for the island of Guernsey where we are based, bringing together my love of my island home, history and military figurines.


1/10 scale resin bust of de Wiart VC from WW1