COVID-19 – 15 JUNE 2020 UDATE:

Great news re COVID: We have not had a positive test for over 40 days so from Saturday 20 June all social distancing restrictions will end and all shops and businesses will be able to operate as normal.

With immediate effect I am able to return to the normal aim of despatching orders within 3 working days of receiving the orders.

Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe.

I produce 1/10 scale resin military busts which cover a number of different historical periods, including the occasional fantasy figures.

The pleasure for me is as much about the research and history behind the busts as it is about the sculpting. Be it researching an individual, or a particular uniform or weapon set. All of the sculpting is by hand – ‘pushing putty”.

I plan to release 1 bust a month on average.

if you are wondering about the name – I live in Guernsey, the old Roman name for Guernsey is Sarnia; so the name brings together my love of the Island, modelling and history.

Watch this space during 2020.