• 1/10 scale resin busts
  • 1/10 scale resin busts

002 - ECW - Pikeman


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Although the musket was increasingly being used, the pike remained a central and formidable weapon of the period of the English Civil War, in England as well as Europe. Often units of pikemen were used alongside musketeer units to procide them with protection, especially when reloading.

This bust is of a soldier who would have wielded a pike and is wearing the common breastplate and metal helmet.

He could also represent a pike wielding soldier of any country during that the period.

Soldiers coats were often issues by their regimental commander and issued in a colour cosen by the commander.

A llist of regimental colours is under the 'useful stuff' tab, or click here.

The bust consists of three parts: torso with head, helmet and pedestal.