• 1/10 scale resin busts
  • 1/10 scale resin busts

007 - ECW Pike Regiment Officer


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Although the musket was increasingly being used, the pike remained a central and formidable weapon of the period of the English Civil War, in England as well as Europe. Often units of pikemen were used alongside musketeer units to procide them with protection, especially when reloading.

This bust is of an officer from a pike regiment.

He wears a buff coat and felt hat, but no breast plate which would have been standard for the common soldier. His heavy leather gauntlet would have afforded some protection for his hands.

It is his gorget, sash and halberd which distinguishes him as an officer.

As with all ECW officers the colour of the sash identifies the actual regiment, see here for a link to a summary of the colours used by the main regiments.

The bust consists of 4 parts: Torso, hat, hand & halberd, and pedistal base.

I have been disappointed when buying resin figures when long parts arrive bent, to avoid this the staff of the halberd is a length of plastic rod. Slightly more complicated to cast but I think worth it.

Full box art to follow.