• 1/10 scale resin busts
  • 1/10 scale resin busts

013 - After the Battle - ECW Musketeer


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This 1/10 bust is of a musketeer returning after the battle.

Inspired by a photo of a re-enactor at the end of the day it represents a musketeer who has survived a day's battle ,and is returning to the camp or his home, exhausted. his cloths are a little dishevelled and he has bags under his eyes from tiredness.

The bust is resin, cast in 8 pieces: torso, head, arm with musket, three gunpowder flakes, hat and pedestal base.

The head is cast with his collar, this is so because he has long hair which falls onto the collar and it avoids any joins within the hair.

Even though it is a more complicated bust that our others, the price remains at £20.00.

For details of the coat colours of various regiments see the tab under "useful stuff" here: https://sarnia-miniatures.co.uk/i/ecw-regimental-coat-colours